Why is it good to castrate your animal?

Many of you have encountered the problem during the estrus of your pet – the animal becomes irritable, hyperactive, an unpleasant odor appears and a constant attraction to the opposite sex. The cat is seasonally polycyclic, it breeds in spring and autumn, and within its season it can breed multiple times. In dogs, the estrus is 2 times a year for about 14 days (two weeks). Regardless of gender, the most gentle and beneficial option for your pet’s health is castration (in case you do not want your pet to have offspring). With the development of veterinary medicine, today castration is one of the most routine surgical interventions even for female animals. The operation lasts about half an hour under full anesthesia. Dr. Zlateva and Dr. Marinov perform the castration with a minimal suture (about 1 cm). Suturing is performed with an intradermal suture, with resorbable sutures (degradable, which does not require their removal). After recovery, the operation is not noticeable. Recovery lasts within 24 hours after the operation. Here are some of the benefits of castration:
reduces the risk of certain diseases, such as false pregnancy and tumors of the gonads;
castration at an early age prevents mammary gland tumors in female animals;
this surgical intervention ensures calm behavior of your pet, preventing escape and aggression of your pet;

Due to the slowed metabolism after castration, animals are prone to gaining excess weight. We can offer you an adapted diet to maintain an optimal body weight.
There is nothing “unnatural” about neutering your pet, as animals do not have a conscious sexuality and after neutering they will live as if outside of periods of sexual activity.

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