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"St. George" Veterinary Clinic

“St. George” Veterinary Clinic was established in early 2004 by P. Panayotov, DVM and Associated Professor N. Zlateva, DVM, PhD. Our team consists of highly specialized doctors (Assoc. Prof. N. Zlateva, DVM, PhD, P. Panayotov, DVM, G. Marinov, DVM, PhD, B. Borisov, DVM, R. Rafailov, DVM, A. Vutova, DVM). We perform endoscopy, surgery, ultrasound, laboratory, (CBC, Biochemistry, hormone analysis, PCR for infectious diseases, urine analysis), parasitological, prophylaxical and general manipulations, and the clinic also has a pet shop that offers a variety of food and accessories, as well as medical food diets.

In 2021, the Veterinary Clinic “St. George” – Drama, Greece has opened its doors with managers Georgi Marinov, DVM, PhD and Evdoxia Magkrioti, DVM, MSc. The clinic offers x-ray, ultrasound, and laboratory diagnostics, as well as surgical and general manipulations and a pet store.

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