Orthopedic operations
Bone operations Fractures; Humerus with intramedullar osteosynthesis; Humerus with a...
Oncological operations
Removal of skin tumors; Removal of tumors from the mammary...
Cystotomy; Urethrotomy; Urethrostomy; Ovariohysterectomy; Pyometra operation; Orchiectomy;
Obstetrics care
Extraction; Medicated childbirth; Cesarean section;
Abdominal operations
Abdominal puncture; Laparotomy; Stomach torsion; Gastrotomy; Ileus; Enteroanastomosis; Splenectomy; Umbilical...
Tartar removal with an ultrasonic scaler; Removal of tartar instrumentally;...
Subconjunctival injection; Chamber injection; Suturing of third eyelid; Enucleation; Entropy;...
Head and neck surgery
Extirpation of mandibular gland; Extirpation of the parotid gland; Tracheotomy;...
Cosmetic operations
Removal of first finger; Ear correction; Ear hematoma; Suturae palatinum...

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