Regular vaccinations of your pets is part of the prevention of infectious diseases, and it is recommended that they be carried out annually at the indicated periods. Contrary to some beliefs, vaccinations are carried out throughout the whole lives of pets.
Vaccines protect our pets from diseases that are difficult or impossible to treat. Diseases such as parvovirus, canine distemper, infectious hepatitis, parainfluenza, leptospirosis, rabies, etc. are included in polyvalent vaccines for dogs, and in the cat vaccines – panleukopenia, herpes virus, calicivirus and rabies.
The latest generations of vaccines for cats also include feline leukemia /Merial/. These vaccines do not contain adjuvants, which greatly reduces post-vaccination side effects.
Recommended vaccination schedules:
– 40 – 45 days old — 1st vaccine
– 60 – 65 days old — 2 vaccines
– 75 – 90 days old — 3rd vaccine

*immunization for rabies is done at the age of at least three months
*annual reimmunization is carried out every subsequent year

– 60 days old /2 months/ – 1st vaccine
– 90 days of age /3 months/ – 2nd vaccine – *annual reimmunization is carried out every subsequent year

– 60-90 days old
revaccination every six months

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