Prophylactic clinical exmaination

PREVENTIVE EXAMINATIONS FOR YOUR PETS We all know that the prevention of diseases is much easier than their treatment. And yet, how often do we do preventive checkups on ourselves and our pets?
For animals up to five years of age, preventive examinations are recommended to be done once a year, and for animals over six years of age – twice a year.
At the “St. George” clinic, you can do a preventive examination of your pet, which includes:
⁃ general clinical examination;
⁃ eye examination with an ophthalmoscope;
⁃ examination of ears with an otoscope;
⁃ dental examination;
⁃ blood test – CBC (complete blood count) in animals up to 6 years old; CBC and biochemical profile in animals older than six years;
⁃ urine test – test strip; sediment and biochemical analysis;
⁃ electrocardiogram — in animals older than six years;

These examinations can be extended with:
– copro-ovo-larvoscopic examination for internal parasites;
⁃ examination of a skin sample for demodicosis;
⁃ examination of a skin sample for dermatophytes /fungi, etc./;
⁃ microbiological examination;
⁃ hormonal studies;

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