Internal deworming of dogs

Internal deworming of dogs

Every owner would like his pet to develop healthy. For this purpose, however, certain care is needed, one of which includes internal deworming over a certain period of time.
For the prevention of nematodes and cestodes, it is necessary to apply a deworming drug once every 3 months, and for treatment, the procedure must be repeated every 2 weeks until complete deworming.
In case of infection with Giardia spp. animals are treated for 3 consecutive days.
Tablet forms are used for puppies over 2 months of age. There is also an oral suspension designed to treat nematodes and oocysts. Drop-in forms are suitable for prophylaxis against heartworm, demodicosis, ear mites and external parasites. For dogs up to 2 months, paste for internal deworming or oral suspension are used, which ensure only nematode deworming. When using this medicinal form, treatment begins at 2 weeks of age with an interval of 2 weeks until reaching 12 weeks of age.

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