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External deworming of dogs

To make sure that your dog will not be bothered by external parasites, it is important that it is treated with deworming agents. For external deworming in dogs, spot-on drip forms are used. After biting, fleas die within a day, and ticks can remain alive for up to two days after instillation. The new generation of spot-on forms also have an effect on scabies ticks. Products of this type are suitable for puppies over 7 weeks of age or over 1.5kg. For smaller puppies, it is good to use a spray form that is applied from the 2nd day after birth. The products are mainly effective for about a month, depending on the type of ectoparasite. It is desirable for about 2-3 days after the treatment, that the dogs do not be bathe or get wet, because the preparation is deposited in the fatty deposits of the skin.
Another form of external deworming is antiparasitic straps, which provide longer-lasting protection, or antiparasitic powders, which are repeated as a treatment every 2-3 weeks.

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